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ACMS Science

Course Overview

The 6th grade science curriculum spirals an introduction to the nature of science throughout the year as students zero in on six different key content areas.
The specific units that will be taught include:

  • Earth’s structure and natural processes
  • Ecosystemsand energy flow
  • Phases of matter
  • The water cycle and natural resources
  • Atoms and molecules
  • Measurement



Course Overview

The focus of science in the 7th grade is to provide students with inquiry based experiences that allow students to develop their mastery of key common core content standards while they expand their scientific process and analysis skills throughout academic term. Direct Instruction and guided inquiry will be used as students study scientific concepts in the following curriculum:

  • Cells, photosynthesis, and cellular respiration
  • Human anatomy
  • Plate tectonics and geological processes
  • Geologic time and the fossil record
  • Evolution and adaptations
  • Characteristic properties of matter

Our middle school science curriculum emphasizes the skills of scientific inquiry, scientific literacy and the use of 21st century skills in these explorations.


Course Overview

Concepts 8th graders will explore are

  • Chemical and physical changes
  • Energy and waves
  • Genetics, weather
  • Climate
  • Human impact on the environment
  • The solar system
  • The nature of science

8th grade science students will develop critical thinking skills and techniques to conduct independent scientific investigations and analyze data.